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It has been a musical year for John H. Goldman: he has produced 6 on-line albums (90+ tracks). Each album consists of music composed and performed by John. Cats & Bats is one of these albums. Each album and each track has been a humble attempt to explore & "translate" reality and existence into music. It has been an exciting "journey" into the musical unknown. Please feel free to contact John via e-mail (given above) if you have further questions about his music. Above you can find links to his other albums and below you can find individual tracks of the album.

-All tracks have been recorded at Green Lion Studio in CD quality, we suggest listening with high quality speakers or headphones to experience the audio quality in full.
-Our videos are hosted on Youtube, please click on the links below to listen/watch the videos. Please note that any visuals, videos or ads that may appear after our video's end may not be related to our album.

Track 5: Lions & Cats

Track 4: Streets of Cairo

Track 3: Did you have to shoot'em ?

Track 2: They are Gone...

Track 1: Under the Cave

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